Zan Kru is an eponymous clothing and accessory brand with an urban, androgynous look. Zan – brand founder and designer – plays with forms and functions of clothing by creating conceptual yet functional fashion. The Polish born designer studied fine arts at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, fashion design at SAPU in Krakow and in Frosinone, Italy, as well as fibers at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. This multidisciplinary education led her to work in a genre overlapping the worlds of design and fine art. The symbolic significance of knitwear turned her attention to the narrative potential of fabric.

Zan Kru treats the process of creating clothes as a story worth telling; therefore she often emphasizes the construction of each garment. The distinctive style of Zan Kru’s clothing is intended for all those who appreciate witty fashion which allows freedom of movement and casual sophistication.

Zan Kru’s clothes are manufactured in Europe with consistent high quality materials while maintaining a noncompromising respect for the environment and ethical standards. — or Zan Kru is an up-and-coming brand dedicated to urban and unisex clothing inspired by experimental fashion.

“We see making clothes as a blend of creativity and functionality, where every single element is given a peculiar, unconventional character. Our brand is informed by the tradition of multifunctionality, diversity and environmentalism. Zan Kru values are of utmost importance to us when cooperating with artists and designers, both in terms of style and the fabric used”.

“The debut collection A SMALL BODY or ACCUMULATION OF ORE was addressed to urban nomads and draws heavily from Scandinavian simplicity. Our designs consist of coherent details and surprising solutions that timely reflect Zan Kru’s out-of-the-box take on fashion”- Zan Kru.

Recent projects

Faces – a series of limited edition organic t-shitrs. Organic t-shirts with hand painted images are a result of Zan Kru’s collaboration with an artist Kamila Wolszczak. Project inspired by Friesland, a unique location in Northern Holland with its own language and culture.

Beetroot emigration is a project evoking the history of the first wave of emigration of Polish women to Denmark in 1893, to work on the cultivation of sugar beet on the Lolland-Falster islands. The project refers to physical and mental strength, determination and unity of women, which can be found in hand-made prints and stories of contemporary emigrants. The project is created by women and talks about women.

A SMALL BODY Fanny packs/ sachets launches the line of sustainable fashion. A SMALL BODY in its name refers to the history of the first pockets. This little pouch, designed in a zero waste strategy with reflective floatable pattern and adjustable strap is everything you need in your daily adventures.

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