Sustainable fashion – growing trend

In 2007, Vogue magazine recognised sustainable fashion as a long-lasting and growing trend in the industry. The purpose of the Super-Natural Oslo project is to raise awareness about this trend and provide a public platform for discussion about the sustainability design philosophy. In this project, InterArt_S is acting as the initiator, mentor and curator for fashion designers working in Norway who are on the threshold of their professional careers.


Oslo – European Green Capital

Oslo has been chosen as the European Green Capital in 2019, but how much sustainable fashion can be seen on its streets? Is the concept of of ‘conscious fashion’ known among Oslo’s inhabitants? Are the issues of environmental protection or socio- economic responsibility important for consumers? Is sustainable clothing readily available in the Norwegian market?

These and other questions are raised in the Super-Natural Oslo project. The objective is not to criticise the modern fashion industry or consumption patterns, but to encourage a more sustainable and contemporary ethos in fashion.


Fashion show

The culmination of the project will be a fashion show held in a central venue, which shall take place in August 2019. It will start with an unofficial part, when complimentary drinks will be served and the guests will have a chance to get acquainted. Later on, on the catwalk four fashion designers will present outfits designed specifically for this event. 



The project is sponsored by the city of Oslo (Oslo kommune) as a part of the Oslo European Green Capital 2019. We are currently contacting environmentally conscious companies and organisations that would be interested in financially participating in this project.


Stay with us, be aware.


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