Mawra Mahmood is a self-taught designer who tailors her designs. She’s educated an economist who left her job in finance to lead one of the largest humanitarian youth organizations in Norway and pursued her career in fashion at the age of 27. The overall objective of the brand is creating evening wear that are covering yet ravishing and elegant. Embodying everything from sleek and elegant to uniqueness as far as the eye can see. By targeting women, the designs aren’t only suitable for evening wear but also leaves the observers in awe over how edgy and tranquil the garments can be composed.

She experiments with new things with a special focus on alternative attire for women. Her enthusiasm for designing and observing the feedback she receives around her talent, is much of the reason this has always been a passion that has lived on. She doesn’t only have a dream to dress more women on the red carpet, but make any woman attending an extravagant event feel like the queen of the ball. Exclusive and elegant garments are not only reserved for those who have a red carpet under their feet, everyone should get to feel it. And that’s what Mawra wishes to do. With 6 elements embracing sustainability and empowerment:

  • Garments produced with an emphasis zero-waste principle.
  • Driving to use new talents and young upcoming individuals within their own area of expertise to give them a platform to practice and show their work. And collaborating with professionals who have a unique approach to their work.
  • Portraying the uniqueness of different women through using diverse models, not only physically and ethnicity wise, but especially in their stories.
  • Local production and short value chain
  • Clients involvement in the process of the making of the garment.
  • Female empowerment, tailormade outfits. No woman should have to compromise on her body by thinking the standard sizes out there are the only garments they can fit between. The clothes should be altered to the women, not the opposite.

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