Dominika Gembiak

Dominika Gembiak, a passionate fashion designer from Wroclaw, Poland with a desire to drive changes within the fashion industry.

Her mission: to establish a sustainable European fashion brand with respect for nature, people and animals. She believes in working with nature instead of against it.

The last six years of her life have been spent regularly travelling between four cities, in two countries. In that time she graduated with honours from the MSKPU International School of Costume and Fashion Design.
Shortly after graduation, Dominika launched her career as a fashion designer at one of the largest fast fashion brands. More impressive is the fact that she achieved the above whilst jointly starting and growing a local business in Trondheim with her partner.

After this years of collecting experience, education and knowledge she decided to settle down and start her namesake brand, based on high ecological standards with focus on European production, but not compromising the design’s level. Because of her beloved partner she pointed Trondheim as a place to stay.

Dominika believes that the future of fashion relies on people, including all stages of production. She wants to ensure a positive impact for the people we depend on and those who depend on us in return.

Dominika’s designs aims to fuse a nature inspired-aesthetic based on modern art. Her destination is to balance between simplicity and sophistication, fusing fashion with function.

Behind the scenes, she enjoys outdoor sports, reading novels and spending time with her dog.

Being invited to “Super-natural fashion show spring-summer Oslo 2020 by InterArt_S” gives her the opportunity to present her first collection to the Norwegian market.

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