The rules of the “Super-Natural Fashion Competition 2019” fashion competition:

1. The rules set out the conditions for organizing the “Super-Natural Fashion Competition 2019”, which is aimed at discovering and promoting gifted person keen on intertwining fashion design and idea of sustainability. The competition does not limit, in terms of age, those interested to take part.

2. The organizer of the competition is INTERNATIONAL ART SCENE, org. number: 920 163 149. Further referred as Organiser.

3. The theme of the competition is: Ethical, cruelty free and sustainable perspective on fashion design.

4. The subject is a collection for season spring/summer 2020 for women, men or unisex.

5. Following criteria must be met:

  a) The deadline for sending works expires on 30.05.2019.

  b) Every applicant of the competition presents 3 works send in PDF format (A4 format – 21 x 29,7cm) in the form of colour magazine drawings – with the fabric templates enclosed and completed application form.

  c) The works should be sent to email address with a title “Super-Natural Fashion Competition 2019”.

  d) The designs must reflect the theme and essence of the competition, as referred to points 4 and 5 of the rules herein, otherwise they will not qualify for the competition.

  e)  The works sent within the deadline will be evaluated by the contest jury and a a winner will be selected. Additionally an honourable winner will also be selected.

  f) Name of the winner will be published at the latest by the 07.06.2019 on the International Art Scene website:, and InterArt_S Facebook fanpage. The winner will be notified.

  g) The winner agrees to take a part in the fashion show Super-Natural Fashion Show Spring Summer Oslo 2020 that will take place in Oslo in August 2019. Winner will present a fashion collection that consists of at least 5 outfits.

7.1. The list of the jury members will be published on the organizer’s website. The jury’s work is confidential and final.

7.2. The competition jury will choose the winner, the person who have designed a collection that was evaluated highest.

8. Awards:

  a) Competition winner will participate in the Super-Natural Fashion Show Spring Summer Oslo 2020 that will take place in Oslo in August 2019.

  b) The Honourable Winner will receive a consolation prize.

  c) The Organiser reserves the right to publish in the media the Winners and Honorable Winners entries and related portrayals on the competition website, and on Inter Art_S facebook page and manage their images at various marketing and PR planes.

9. If the Winner is disqualified or refuses to accept the prize, the Honourable Winner takes their place.

10. The organizer reserves the possibility of making changes in the rules.

11. All the costs related to attendance in the competition will be incurred by the contestant.

12. Applicants agree to meet all deadlines and requirements specified herein and understand that late or invalid submissions will not be accepted.

13. Applicants agree that they can be disqualified for failing to meet the deadlines, criteria, quality or entry requirements or for any another reason as determined herein.

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