Super-Natural Oslo 2019, SS’20 Fashion Show

August 20th 2019, SALT art & music, Oslo

“The Super-Natural Oslo” is a collaboration between fashion designers active on Norwegian fashion scene and InterArt_S. The main goal of the project is to raise awareness of sustainability in fashion and bring forward artists who use their creative expression to challenge the contemporary fashion industry.

Presented collections are made by five talented designers:

Dominika Gembiak
Mawra Mahmood
Tokyo Twins
Zan Kru
Armando Santos

The presented collections were oscillating around the ideas of sustainability, cruelty-free and conscious fashion. The mentioned issues being the common denominators gave five individual approaches showcased on a catwalk.

Dominika Gembiak:

Mawra Mahmood:

Tokyo Twins:

Zan Kru:

Armando Santos:


Watch the runway footage from the Super-Natural Oslo Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2020. In the video you can see all the collections made by designers taking part in the 2019 edition: Dominika Gembiak, Mawra Mahmood, Tokyo Twins, ZanKru and Armando Santos.


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