To take part in “The Super-Natural Oslo 2020. Back to Eden” applicant has to send an e-mail to:, containing below information.

In the e-mail applicant will include their personal information:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Telephone number
  4. Street address
  5. Short bio (max. 500 signs)

To the email applicant will attach text document that will include:

  1. Statement about your collection (max. 1000 signs).
  2. Description of your design strategies as a sustainable designer (max. 1000 signs).
  3. Explanation of fabric choice, optionally with photos of fabric samples (max. 750 signs).
  4. Signed confirmation that all the designs meant for the competition are original works of the applicant, that were created for the purpose of the Super-Natural Oslo 2020. Back to Eden, and that all the information given in this form is accurate.

Designer will also attach following in pdf format:

  1. At least one (but more than one will be very welcomed) outfit illustration (front and back).
  2. Portfolio – at least three photos of your most recent, original finished garments, regardless weather they were sustainable or not.

Deadline for sending applications is Thursday April 30th 2020.

In their collections applicants have to refer to the “Back to Eden” topic.