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Our Story

Interart_s is an organization based in Oslo and established in 2018 by Karolina Lisik, Katarzyna Koprowska and Aleksandra Piotrowska – theatre producers and critics, performers, graphic designers and nature lovers. 

Our Mission

Since 2019 we have started to create and organize events oscillating around the ideas of sustainability, cruelty-free and conscious fashion. Our main goal is to find solutions to overproduction, modern slavery of apparel industry and bring suggestions that can change the fashion business for the better. By collaborating with artists who have various cultural backgrounds, we use art as a tool launched to help protect the environment. 

Our Beliefs

InterArt_S wants to present art that engages history, breaks new ground, takes up the matter of living abroad, encourages sustainability and infiltrates the public realm.

We are interested in getting involved in temporary projects, but also in building a long-term organizational structures.

Sagene Hagefest 2018
Kantor Exchange 2017
Elements of physical theatre training 2018
Extended: Moving Interactions 2018
Super-Natural Oslo 2019, SS’20 Fashion Show

Aleksandra Piotrowska

Aleksandra is a theatre studies scholar and cultural expert. From 2010 to 2013 she studied at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and lectured on history of theatre at the art school in Poznan. She is associated with various cultural, theater and feminists magazines, where she publishes science and popular science articles. Aleksandra draws inspirations from both nature and social crafting. In art she is mostly focused on mutual influence between performers and audience.

Małgorzata Kamińska

Margaret is an educated Agronomist, currently working in animal welfare NGO Dyrevernalliansen. She had interest in different forms of art since she was little and pursued them in her free time. She enjoys bringing people together to broaden their horizons and helping them see new values, and perspectives.

Kasza Koprowska

Kasza is a product and graphic designer. She works on sustainable and environmentally friendly designs, food production with her brand Onkel Trolls Spiskammer (onkeltroll.no) and urban gardening. She is fascinated by grassroots initiatives, socially and politically engaged design, and is inspired by nature and travelling.

Karolina Lisik

Karolina is associated with theatre, culture and visual arts from early age. Between 2012-2017 she worked as an actress in many organizations, foundations, theatres in Krakow and in the vicinity of Krakow, and she performed both for the adults and for children. In Norway among the elements of nature, she is looking for her own form of artistic expression.


To take part in “The Super-Natural Oslo 2020. Back to Eden” applicant has to send an e-mail to: post@interarts.no, containing below information. In the e-mail applicant will include their personal information: Name Surname Telephone number Street address Short bio (max. 500 signs) To the email applicant will attach text document that will include: Statement about your collection (max. 1000 signs). Description of your design strategies as a sustainable designer (max. 1000 signs). Explanation of fabric choice, optionally with photos of fabric samples…

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Are you a fashion designer who is interested in sustainable fashion philosophy? Are you looking for a way to expand your reach to a larger audience? Apply for the next edition of the fashion show “Super-Natural Oslo 2020. Back to Eden”, that will take place in Prindsen Hage, Oslo in the end of August, 2020.  InterArts welcomes fashion designers working in Norway who create inspiring and functional fashion that has minimal impact on ecosystems and is cruelty-free both towards humans…

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Super-Natural Oslo Fashion Show 2019/SS’20

Interarts invites you to The Super-Natural Fashion Show Spring/Summer Oslo 2020. The event takes place in SALT ART MUSIC in Oslo, August 20th 2019 at 19.00.  Presented collections are an outcome of the collaborative project between Interarts and five fashion designers active on the Norwegian market. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about sustainable fashion and promote artists who use their creative expression to challenge the contemporary industry. Designers taking part in the show: Dominika Gembiak, Mawra…

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InterArt_S is partner of Oslo europeisk miljøhovedstad 2019

In December 2018 InterArt_S received financial support from Oslo kommune for an upcomming fashion sustainability project „19OSS” related to Oslo europeisk miljøhovedstad 2019. The project will consist of three events: An open discussion panel with invited experts (professors, lecturers) and fashion designers at Khio. The raised issues concerns fashion market in the world, which is the second pollutant of potable water in the world. This discussion will be open not only for students, but also for other people who are…

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